Monthly newsletter for June

Refractured watercolor dawn painting

#1359 “I Love Morning” . Refractured Watercolor, 14×11 in mat ready to frame to 20×16″

Here’s my monthly newsletter – yes, there’s a lot of biology in art:


3 thoughts on “Monthly newsletter for June

  1. The ALMA ESO thing is a marriage not made in heaven. While they release the same day and most of the text is identical, still there are elements I need to find and pop in. Generally ESO puts up an embargoed post to which I have access, so I do my draft on their work. The when ALMA releases I have to add in the contacts at ALMA that ESO skips, and, in this case, the last two images were from ALMA and not from ESO. Often, only one will include the science team. I just have to make it work. NRAO and NAOJ do not figure into this at all. They will do separate posts later on but they add nothing new.

    Thanks for your constancy as a reader and commentator. I value your time.

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