Sonnet Challenge #5.

This one came from my good friend Adrian in France (Petitbricoleur).  He has a wry sense of humor, and made one naughty suggestion I rejected – but this is the one that was quite an easy mark for me.   I’ve been wanting to use the last line for a while.  Google “split infinitive examples” to see why.  (Yes, I’m a recovering Trekkie.)

The finite minds, our life’s reality.

The bony skulls – within, the brain so soft

dives us in atoms, and the skies aloft

yet cannot comprehend infinity.

We promise we will love forevermore –

infinity of time that’s also lost

to understanding.  We don’t feel the cost

of setting sail when there’s no further shore

to land on.  Is this all there is?  This sea?

This sky? This light?  This wind that blows us on

and on and no release from what has gone?

We must be, and cannot choose not to be.

And when at last my immortal soul is free,

I’ll smile, and boldly split infinity.

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