The Sonnet Challenge, #2.

This is the second of the sonnets created from the responses to the challenge put out in this month’s newsletter.   Of course you will notice as we go through that topics aren’t always interpreted directly, sometimes I pretzel things around before I start.  This one was from Eric in Ventura and his suggestion was “Last Words”.

The Last Word.
By phone she needs to have the final text,

another word when none’s left to be said;

a conversation done but not yet dead,

a period that always has a next….

In person it’s the same, just one more “bye”

when we’ve already “bye’d” and turned away,

she always has to have the ending say,

she never can be done and let it lie.

I’m not trying to upstage her end,

my last response just trying to ensure

I’m with her and I did not just ignore

the message of someone I’d keep a friend.

And when I saw the battle was absurd

I gave up and let her have the last word.


5 thoughts on “The Sonnet Challenge, #2.

  1. Enjoyed this – made me smile. I have to fight the compulsion to always send the last text and say the last “bye”. It’s an OCD thing, maybe. Lead to many comical long goodbyes with my younger son, as he had the same compulsion. Thanks for this cleverly written poem. 😄

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  2. I really hope you didn’t mean me
    My last words were meant to set us free
    I wouldn’t upset you for the world
    I couldn’t bear your lip to be curled
    Trouble is when we are far away
    there are too many hours in a day
    As distance causes all our trials
    And as I can’t, please cover the miles
    Love you dearest no.3. Wish you were here. LOL X

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