The sonnet challenge, #1

In case you missed my monthly mailing, I put out a challenge for subjects on which to write sonnets.  I had four respondents who came up with a number of different ideas, some of which I can/will do, some of which I likely can’t, but as I was able to be creative during some of the lulls at the Flagstaff Art in the Park on the weekend, I thought I would start posting these.

The first challenge I took up is from Pia, whose challenges included ‘Blue’.



The cloudless skies from sunset to sunset

are actually a hundred shades of blue,

most delicate of Wedgwoods never set

Against Ultramarine shade’s deepest hue.

But blue we think of as a tone of pain

for heart downcast, when those eyes should look up

and breathe sky in, and face the world again

beneath the colors of the sky’s great cup.

Cerulean, Wedgwood’s neighbor, stretches high

to Cobalt at the summit of the dome,

then Turquoise fades to Prussian as the sky

returns to night and shows our starry home.

From there we’ll see earth as the aliens do –

A planet mostly oceans, mostly blue.

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