Silence, Trees, Weather.

Cloudy Sky

Salton City, August. Weather coming in, I hear the thunder getting closer. I hope it will clear before I go out for an arts meeting this evening!

Yes, 9 days since I blogged – I’ve been on the road for most of those.  I have seen a lot of skies, a lot of roads and was astonished by Mount Shasta – whose awesome beauty I was unprepared for.

While I was in Bellevue, WA, there was a lull at the fair, during which I was able to add to my list of sonnets.  One step further to that bucket list item.

Tree Work

The upper leaves spread up to gather light

The lower leaves reach out to seek the sun

The branches stretch and grow with all their might

Until leaves redden when the summer’s done.

The colorful flowers that bloomed bright in the spring

Are now brown crisps around a precious seed

that wait for autumn’s winds to find their wings

and fly to other grounds that might just lead

to sprouting from the earth when spring returns,

to rooting and to spreading and to growth

into a new tree; life’s desire thus burns

for life itself will not succeed with sloth.

Look at a tree and it will show you how

To plan tomorrow just by doing now.



9 thoughts on “Silence, Trees, Weather.

    • Bellevue was interesting. The weather crept up into the 80s so in the afternoons it was warm enough for me to take my jacket off and change sneakers for flipflops. The locals were melting and retreated indoors. I sold little, but had three interesting recognitions: 2 ladies who knew my work from the desert, 2 ladies who recognized my work from their friend’s wall (I already had about 10 paintings in the Seattle area) and at the end an artist who had been following my work for years online, even though she had never met me. Otherwise, sales were not good. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      • It must’ve been exciting to be recognized, though sorry sales were slow. It’s really interesting you have paintings on the walls around Seattle. Maybe I’ve seen one or more. I’m always admiring original art that some doctors have in their waiting rooms.


      • Edmonds used to be my favorite fair to attend but probably because my son had artwork there. That was years ago so I don’t know if their fair can compete with Bellevue’s.
        Wishing you all the best at future showings. (And more sonnets, please. 🙂 )


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