Who was Vincent?

Vincent van Gogh's wheatfield

Was it a dead end, or just a curve in the road?????

I thought This was a very interesting article about Vincent van Gogh – one of my favorite painters.  Maybe he was who we thought he was, maybe not!  Ah, now there’s something we can’t do these days – trade places with our twin, start afresh, stand at the crossroads and decide to disappear around the bend.  At least not in the technologically linked world – too much verification of ID. Not quite sure if I’d want to be anyone else anyway….



3 thoughts on “Who was Vincent?

  1. Very interesting article but how many Scotsmen speak fluent Dutch or can even do a Dutch accent-to me Dutch sounds like as easy as intimidating a fax dial-up modem!.

    Bought a book on WordPress RRP £15 but cost £4 odd delivered to me in France – so getting into WordPress now as seems a very good product – love the splash image on your wedsite
    Love Adrian x

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    • Good point!!! It might not be as hard as you think though – seeing as they would have had to communicate anyway to know each other. And perhaps the languages were more similar in those days…?? I once dated a Glasgow guy who spoke fluent Dutch without an accent, and know of an American woman who speaks accentless Guatemalan and Mexican Spanish. Some people take naturally to languages more than others.


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