YInMn Blue

For those of you who have taken my Painting for Absolute Beginner’s class, you will have heard me talk about the origins of French Ultramarine.

Recently, there was another blue discovered.  Or perhaps you could call it invented, I guess it’s unclear as to whether this blue would ever occur in nature.  Personally I think it should either just be Yinmn blue, as everyone is calling it now, or Mas blue, after the original chef.  What do you think?

I’m looking forward to it being available in watercolor, acrylic and oil.

2 thoughts on “YInMn Blue

    • On my screen it looks like Cobalt with a little Ultramarine in it. Nevertheless it will have different properties of either and of a mixture. I’m primarily looking forward to seeing how it reacts as a wet-in-wet watercolor. Not only alone – as in how fast it flows through the water, but when mixed with other pigments, to see how well it separates, granulates, repels, mixes…..

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