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Salton Sea

“The reflecting pool”, probably 2005. The posts seen below are entirely under water.

Supporting the restoration of the Salton Sea and making it stable and renewable is not just for the Sea, it’s not just for me and the sunrises that I paint, it’s for anyone in the US who eats vegetables.  Allowing the Salton Sea to dry up will destroy the most fertile farmland in the country.

Salton Sea

“The reflection pool”, January 2015

I have not met the star in the movie, but I know some of the production crew!  Please support their goal to make a longer movie about Randy’s journey, in order to publicize the need to act now.

Salton Sea

“The Reflecting Pool”, January 2016.  The posts seen above are to my left.


You can donate on Kickstarter to this project.   Please do so.


4 thoughts on “This is for you

  1. i would be interested to know what the plan is for the “restoration” of the salton sea. how will this restoration occur and what will be different after the restoration is complete. will i personally have to change anything about my life for this to happen? thank you in advance.


    • Hi JJ. This is not s short answer. The powers that be have been studying and planning for a decade. Most of the locals think the sea-to-sea pipelines is the best sustainable option, where water is circulated with the Sea of Cortes. I recently learned that the Mexicans on the gulf coast do not want the ‘out’ pipeline because they think the initial water, full of extra salts, nutrients and selenium, will wreck their shrimp farms. However without a sustainable solution, we will lose the whole area, the best farmland in the US and north Mexico included, to toxic dust storms. What you could change about your life to make this happen, is to learn more about it and talk more about it to all, especially your local congressman etc – this is not a topic the locals can fix on their own, this is an international problem.


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