Newer work #50

I thought I would choose the raindrop shapes and the pink background for this one because we always think of rain/water as blue/gray/white.  So I thought I would be obstreporous and go the other side of the color wheel.

Mixed media painting

#1229 Love Rain II. Mixed media on pine panel, 17″ diameter. $300.

Mixed media painting

The picture of this in place gives a much better idea of the texture and sheen.

3 thoughts on “Newer work #50

  1. I’ve really enjoyed this. I’m from an area where there are still some small farms that tend to color the run-off water to some degree after each rain. The idea that water has to be a certain color has always been confusing, to say the least. The first few drops running off the roof of a house when the pollen is very heavy give a wonderful perspective of just how colorful water can be under the right circumstances….:)


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