A brief poetry reading

This lunch time I will be reciting a few of my poems for the Borrego Springs Art Guild luncheon.  It has been a while since I have been able to attend, so I was thrilled that this coincided with being asked to read.  Beth selected four newer poems, two of which I’ve previously posted on this blog and two are sonnets from the Bucket List item “Writing more Shakespearean Sonnets than William himself”.  This is one of the ones that I had time to write on the quiet Friday at Cave Creek a couple months ago.


I only wish to grow up in the sun
and spread my leaves to catch delicious light;
to harbor birds when resting from their flight
and push my roots down, down it is such fun
to find the water and the food of earth
that complements the vapor of the sky.
What if I don’t succeed? I must still try
to appreciate the world that gave me birth
and praise the god whose name I’ll never know
who did decide to make a verdant tree,
just one of who so happens to be me
who loves to sway and branch, make leaves and grow.

I pray that men will never cut me down
so I may long, long wear this leafy crown.


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