Item off the bucket list

When I started being cutting up my children about 8 years ago, I didn’t have the right word to describe the difference between what I was doing and collage.  I ended up stealing the term ‘refracturing’ from quilters, who apparently also sometimes cut up their children, and call my technique ‘refractured watercolor’.

The bucket list item was to introduce that word to the language in the context of painted art.  I say specifically painted art because it’s already in the quilting world and if I suggest to some of my fellow artists who work in quilting that their work is not art, I would needfully be corrected.

This month’s Kolaj magazine has an item discussing my use of the word as part of the taxonomy of collage.

Refracture Article



5 thoughts on “Item off the bucket list

  1. Love that my beloved daughter no.3 is quoted as a well known,, working artist Jeni. Also extremely happy that your wonderful talent is your way of life. Hope it brings you all that makes you happy. X

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