Getting the skunk out of the booth.

I picked up this saying from another art fair artist many years ago.  “I just got the skunk out of my booth.”  Meaning now that the theoretical, virtual stinky-de-skunky must be gone, my store smelled good enough for people to come in and buy something.

On Monday I was greeted by an email from the wonderful people (or more likely something they programmed) at Etsy.  I had my first sale!  The skunk is out of my Etsy store!

Dawn painting

“Deep Pink Feathers II” went to live in Yuma.

And I figure it must come through someone looking at my website, because I immediately recognized the purchaser as a big fan of mine from Yuma, AZ.

The Etsy store isn’t very ‘big’ at the moment but I have one new painting in there now that I realized wasn’t promised anywhere else, and more coming not only next week, but there will be more next month when I reorganize stock from a couple galleries.


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