What a messy greeting.

nasty mess in a kitchen

Uh oh.


After a four-day trip to Menlo Park, I came home to find a nasty mess in the kitchen.








nasty mess in a kitchen

This is not good!



From the location, the washing machine wasn’t the cause.  Did the roach baits explode?  Did roaches eat the roach baits and melt?








nasty mess in a kitchen

The sink is exonerated!


The garbage disposal isn’t the guilty party either.  And it shouldn’t be, it’s about 2 months old!







nasty mess in a kitchen

What a mess.

Ah, this is the scene of the crime.  And that’s going to take a lot of cleaning up!  In the end it took me two hours.  Blissfully most of the food in that cupboard is in cans, glass or plastic so I only lost two boxes of pasta.


nasty mess in a kitchen

We  at least there was only one piece of glass to pick up.



I’ve had this a couple months.  I guess it was still fermenting…

In retrospect, I did hear a couple strange popping noises coming from the kitchen in the couple days before I left, but hadn’t figured out then what they were.  Now I know.

And while I was gone, in the desert heat the vinegar dried to a sticky goo thicker than molasses.

5 thoughts on “What a messy greeting.

    • It was vinegar, not olive oil, and I really don’t know! Perhaps there was a flaw in the glass? It has been in the cupboard a couple months and through hotter spells than this one when I was away and the A/C was off. I actually think it cracked when I was still home, hence the popping noises I couldn’t locate. I keep other bottles in the house in the heat without problems…. All the wine is safe. Sadly, the vinegar is more expensive than the wine.

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