Salton Sea Tour.

A couple with a home in Borrego Springs had an interest in doing a round-the-Salton-Sea tour with a local, getting introduced to all those funky places the locals know about.  I was their natural choice.  (They’re also clients…)

The prior couple of days we’d had some rockin high temps – 122 and 1% humidity. But on the day – June 21st, we saw the expected drop in temperature and were blessed with clouds.


Lois enjoying the clouds at the ‘beach’ near my house.  Some nice fat cumulus, a little virga and some crepuscular rays.


Doug at my ‘Reflecting Pool’. As it were…..


Compare it with the same scene 10 years ago.


Someone got stuck in Box Canyon. I’m sure this was a Monte Carlo, I used to drive one long ago.


The Albert Frey building that is the North Shore Yacht Club still has a beautiful backdrop.


Lois and Bob were comparing this grotto at Salvation Mountain with some shrines they’ve seen in South East Asia. The same feeling!


The ‘back alley’ at Salvation Mountain is a riot of color.


We found nice shade under the ‘bridge to nowhere’.  We stepped out of that shade for the photo.  It was about 100 F at this point.


Trailer at Salvation Mountain. Perhaps this was Leonard Knight’s former home.


Next stop was the East Jesus Sculpture Garden. Upcycling at it’s finest.


One of the stops you don’t get on your average tour – the green water lagoon. By now it was 106 F so we declined any further stops that involved getting out of the truck.

6 thoughts on “Salton Sea Tour.

  1. I enjoyed the tour. I’ve been doing some work for a woman from Southern California. She grew up near Cathedral City. She told me her father fished in the Salton Sea when she was growing up. She has been here in West Georgia for more than ten years now.


    • Thank you! Yes, fishing in the Sea was quite a thing. We once tried fishing for tilapia some years back without realizing the correct equipment is an ocean pole and worms, so we were unsuccessful. There are some huge preserved corvina and croaker on the wall at a local bar, but they have all died out now.

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      • I think it was nice to run into someone who is familiar with an I only know from the internet. I like your work and my daughter likes your work as well. I also enjoyed the link you had for Salvation Mountain although the man who did all that work has a few things wrong that he cannot support with the Bible. Any time you have anything to do with the Salton Sea I would like to read it.

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  2. You might enjoy following this page, if you do facebook.
    I’m quite involved with this group, (although most of the activities tend to take place on the weekends when I am away working). If the sea dries up we will lose the most fertile cropland in the country, so it is not just a local one, it is federal, and the damage to the land at the top of the Sea of Cortez makes it international. I hope your interest will grow into support – spreading the word is always good.
    As for Leonard’s mistakes vs. the Bible, I cannot comment. He passed a couple years ago after spending his last two years in a home in San Diego, so they will have to stay as they are.

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    • Didn’t know he was gone. Sorry I did not know about him and his endeavor a few years ago. I will make no comments against his efforts. He had a lot of impressive “art work” scattered all over that mountain. Thanks for letting me know.

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