Work in process

I thought I liked this one that I put together yesterday.  But I wasn’t sure.  So I slept on it. (Well, not literally, that would’ve been really messy.)

oil painting of lightning storm

Last night’s version of ‘Cascade’

This morning I toyed with it a little more – now I like it a lot better, I think it has more movement:

oil painting of lightning storm

That’s the up side of working in oil.  It’s not too late to change your mind the next morning.

Several people have wanted to see this upside down.  It’s not the first time I’ve hung something upside down (The Road to Selfoss looked great upside down when I accidentally wired it the wrong way and hung it up before I realized.)  So – here it is without the surrounding ‘wall diaper’ – upside down.  Nah, it doesn’t work for me.


8 thoughts on “Work in process

  1. i think before was when you had it. when it had no black in the column. and, no, dont flip it over. at any rate i discern that a new passageway in your brain has opened and you are walking down it on pure faith. i do not think this passageway will be a dead end.

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