What is time?


I few days ago I saw a post by PZF Photography about the towns abandoned during the Chernobyl disaster, and was inspired to write a poem about the amusement park.  I was also haunted enough to think about reblogging, but then when I went hunting for his link I found he was impressed enough to reblog it.  Follow his link below the photo….

The last few days have been quite amazing for me. I’ve been overwhelmed by the attention my Chernobyl photo essay received, after Krista, an editor at WordPress, selected it for the Discover section. Naturally, when we write or share photographs (or both, in this case) we do it because we believe it’s a story worth […]

via What is time? — PZF Photography

4 thoughts on “What is time?

  1. This post made me feel such that I now wish I could give the Ferris-wheel and others a warm hug to thaw away all snow and their anxieties, kiss them and fulfill their wish to have fun with people and, whisper to them that twenty five thousand years just ended!


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