When you can’t choose….

I couple weeks ago a fan of mine (she had discovered my work when seeing one of my poetry and painting books in Borrego Art Institute) emailed to say she and her husband were in the process of selecting new artwork for their new home in Borrego Springs, and liked my work.  They had a large wall on a stairwell that needed the right painting, what suggestions could I make?

I have some acrylic paintings that rarely get to see anything other than the inside of my house, as their size and weight makes it difficult to take them to shows as they don’t easily fit once all of the ‘booth’ is in the truck.  They had been in Wang’s in the Desert since October (one of their number had found its Forever Home), but I was bringing the show home at the end of April.  I sent them a list.  There was one that they liked, but when she described the space a little more I thought the one vertical one might fit the area better.  Anyway, we agreed I would take them both over this morning to try them on for size.

She loved both.  Hmm.  Either worked well in the space – and then there’s this other wall.  Nothing for it.  When you can’t decide, get both!

She and her husband hung them up this afternoon.  I had planned on doing this for them, but did not know the wall was stone; fortunately they were able to handle this.

acrylic skyscape painting in stairwell

“The other side of Sunset”

acrylic skyscape painting in stairwell

“August Afternoon” – the one that was the original first pick


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