What do I call it???

So this poem just kinda fell out of the end of the pen.  I feel it somewhat goes with my recent painting ‘Go Forth’ but not quite.  (Hmm, I have a few panels ready to go just wasn’t sure what I was going to put on them, now I think I know.)

After writing the poem, I was at a loss as to how to title it.  Then an odd text came through on my phone.  I have no idea where from or what it meant, but I figured it was the answer to the question I put out there.

654 916 442

Somewhere ahead is a ray of sunshine
shining just for you.
It pulls you forward into its brightness –
a ladder, not a shaft,
raising you from the dirt
into the softness of the gray texture
that you thought was a storm.

Even as you approach it
The incredulity of the event
makes you doubt,
but the closer you come
the more you realize
this is the portal you sought.

Rushing to the base of the light
now knowledgeable of all,
not just a believer, a hoper,
you long to step into tomorrow
and fulfill the mission of your soul
but as your toes hover over the patch of brightness
it vanishes again.

7 thoughts on “What do I call it???

  1. Perhaps it is the number that you can use to Phone A Friend to get that ladder back! I was already to start climbing it! (and what a lovely piece to fall through your hand. It resonated with me quite a bit…only, this HOPER is hoping that the ladder stays still long enough for me to get on that first rung, at least! )


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