New work #20

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the change to post much other than classes and shows.  Part of the computer hell that I’ve been through in the last couple weeks has included moving up to newer versions of software (Photoshop Elements) where the 10 or so items I actually use have either been moved, altered or apparently removed entirely.  Nevertheless, I am in control just enough to post this one.  Also, had to wait awhile until the oil was dry enough to take outside to photograph.

This was inspired by a dawn I saw on Murray Foote’s blog. (This post, 5th photo down) I was really taken by the clouds and he gave me permission to paint it.  It is dawn near a place called Selfoss in Iceland. I named it ‘The Road to Selfoss’ rather than nearby Dettifloss (which is on the same road) or ‘Dawn over Selfoss’ because the absorption into this sky is a way to lose yourself.

The road to Selfoss: Oil painting of dawn sky.

#1186 The Road to Selfoss. Oil on canvas, 22×30″ $825


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