Natural or Not?

If man flooded it, can it still be considered natural?

Source: Natural or Not?


2 thoughts on “Natural or Not?

  1. To answer your question, there is a way for it to remain natural, but not so easily explained to one who lives in an area that is so often stricken by drought. Here in Georgia we sometimes have heavy periods of rain that causes many areas to flood. Quite often this results in wash-outs that tend to drain some of the lower lying areas when the flood abates. Then we must go back and retrench the run-off or drainage ditches so the water will return to it’s original places. This helps maintain the original habitat. At least that is how I think it could still be considered natural. By the way, I’m glad to see that you finally had some rain in your area, wish I could send some of ours your way. 🙂


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