Another fun afternoon at sm’Art studio.

This afternoon I held a watercolor collage class at sm’Art gallery in La Quinta and the group had an immense amount of fun.  We were supposed to have a fifth student but she had not quite gotten over the flu – so four it was.  As always, there are differences in the way we all perceive how to compose something.

Watercolor collage workshop

Having fun. This is obviously not a sedentary class.

It’s an interesting class to take now that the educational ‘STEM’ mandate has been changed to ‘STEAM’ with the addition of art.  The collage process is an ideal way to learn the difference between a puzzle and a problem:  A puzzle has a solution.  A problem does not necessarily have a solution, though it may have several with differing pros and cons.  As the students moved pieces around their ‘blank canvases’ and swapped various differing shapes and colors in and out, I could almost hear the cogs in their minds turning.  Here are the finished products.



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