Newer Work #17

Approaching Storm, Mixed Media Painting

#1155 “Approaching Storm” 48×24″ Mixed media on panel. $2,000.

Slowly catching up again with newer pieces.  I figure if I delay enough, I will be able to report that they are sold already!  Here is another mixed media piece that incorporates poetry – and my love of birds, as the poem is written in the crow’s voice.

“Approaching Storm.”
We play before the approaching storm,
the swirling air that lifts our wings
We shelter from the coming rain
but love the greening that it brings
We know the drops will wash us clean
and, too, the sky where we are kings


8 thoughts on “Newer Work #17

  1. No ducks, no roadrunners but a coyote, maybe? Reminds me of my daughter’s work. She is at https// She got me started with my blog but all I do is write from time to time but she paints rather well (My opinion) and I think she is a much better writer than I am.


  2. Today I sat in a café where a local artist had many a wonderful landscape on sale. I asked my wife whether she would hang any on her wall. She said that while they were well executed paintings, there was nothing about them that would enrich a space. Alas I had to agree. Your work, however, is just full of such wealth.


      • Nicole has little interest in my blogging or any sites that I browse, so I doubt whether I could get her to browse your works. This said, generally there is very little difference between Nicole and I where art is concerned with the exception of one genre: my interest in science fiction/fantasy illustrators and artists. She has no interest in that at all. That aside, we both have broad tastes. I suspect that we are both perhaps more hesitant in respect to abstract art in its various guises, but that is because (at least in my opinion) there are a lot of pretenders there.

        Anyway, my favourite works of yours (in no particular order) are:
        – Riverside Dawn
        – Painted Dawn
        – Surrender to blue
        – The Other Side of Sunset

        In each case I would probably dedicate a wall, because they would seem to need it. They are visually strong and sharing a wall would diminish both them and the art works next to them.

        I believe that these works have broad appeal and as such are fairly commercial (that’s a compliment – some artists I know would be insulted LOL).

        Greg 🙂


      • Thank you, Greg – I’m not at all insulted by your thinking the images are commercial – they are intended to have broad appeal. “Painted” and “Other” are large enough to demand a wall. The other two would need a smaller area in order to not get lost.


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