Poetry: El Paso

El Paso

Kenny is getting loaded in El Paso again,
hanging out on the corner
behind the warehouse, late,
“working hard”,
waiting for supply and demand to mesh
and talking to his brother on the phone
long distance.

Kenny is waiting on some fresh goods,
telling his brother it’s his new deal
a regular location, it’s working out well,
better than the last gang –
they had him running stuff
all over the country.

Kenny is looking at the stars,
a few visible on this moonless inner city night
despite the occasional street lamp
that deters observation.
It’s a perfect evening for getting loaded
in El Paso.

Frank yells to Kenny
Hey bud, time to hit the road
let’s roll, gotta go, now now now.

Kenny fires up his 18 wheeler
of refrigerated produce
and heads back to Phoenix.


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