Newer Work #15 – Desert under Storm

Desert under storm

#1154 “Desert under storm” 36×48″ Mixed media on panel. $3,025.

How appropriate that I should be posting new work today and that this is the next one in the line up.  Today, we had rain.  Actual measurable rain.  About 1mm.  A couple days ago it rained but the big drops evaporated from the driveway within 30 seconds as I stood outside to enjoy the experience.  Today, not only about 1mm of water in my glass, but a puddle on the driveway! Yaay.  We sure need the rain.

This painting was inspired in part by the light of the setting sun across the dunes at Glamis.  You can also see it on the wall at the Yuma show in the prior post.  The following poem is painted into the painting:

Desert under Storm

The glory of the desert under storm
the dunes all blotched with patches gold, rust, dry
under the blessed velvet tumultuous sky
the virga reddened by the light of dawn.
An ocean of sand fresh whipped up into crests
the waves of clouds hanging above their hips
that promise of rain yet moist upon their lips
the ocean of air a body of heaving breasts
and beating hearts; the lightning splits the dome
the wind whispers the sand up to a howl
then thunder drowns it out with its deep growl
there is no doubt that soon the rain will come.
And this is reason enough to have been born,
The glory of the desert under storm.


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