Newer Work #12 – reminder to save water.

For those of you outside California, we’re having all sorts of water usage restrictions because of the drought.  It’s not just the last few months, it’s been dry for years.  Although we’ve had a couple summer storms, which is a little unusual, they seem to get other parts of the Coachella and Imperial valleys, leaving Salton City dry.  A few days ago there was a storm here, but on the other side of town.  My house got dripped on, that was it.

The ongoing drought was the inspiration behind “Gentle Storm”.  The poem – prayer – painted into it, might just be answered, it seems, if this winter’s forecast strong El-Nino delivers. (But not on weekends please… fairs are not as waterproof as one might think….)

Gentle Storm

#1151 Gentle Storm. Mixed media on panel: refractured watercolor, acrylic, poem. 12×36″. $750.

“Gentle Storm”.
Oh gentle storm
please bring us rain,
that we might grow
our crops again
That we might live
and laugh and love
and praise the raindrops
from above

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