Newer work #10.


#1148 “Breakthrough”. Mixed media on three deep panels, each 36×12″. $2,250

This triptych turned out to be a challenge because of they way I wanted the colors to flow together on the three panels.  I had two attempts at the acrylic part.  Much of the challenge being the blends going across the panels – and drying very quickly in the dry heat.

Also, triptychs are really difficult to photo – at least for me – I can never get the three pieces level, and I’m not quite adept enough at photoshop to fix this….


11 thoughts on “Newer work #10.

    • It’s not so much the painting, but the way I photographed it – the middle panel tilts very slightly to the left. If I were better at photoshop, I could select that middle panel and rotate it 1 degree clockwise, which would make it look straight. I photograph them against black velvet or felt – the black stripes are not part of the painting.

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