Looking again

Look Again

“Look Again” – refractured watercolor on foamcore. 11×14″ matted to 16×20″ $175.

So, taking the advice that I wrote about in this month’s newsletter, I decided to rework ‘Look Again’.  It was one of an experiment of three refractured watercolors in mats that had no subject on them – just the refractured sky with no foreground. The other two I decided some while ago to put a foreground on after then had been around for awhile without selling, and they sold pretty quickly after I added foregrounds and subjects.  But “Look Again” lingered in the bin at art fairs, was admired, mused about, then put back.

So I gave it a foreground.  The other phrase that came to mind was when Jason Tockey of Orange County Creatives said that he loved the fact that the foreground brought together all the elements of the refractured watercolor into a sky.

5 thoughts on “Looking again

  1. Hi, Jeni Bate..
    I’m really loving your painting style and the fact that you write about your works shows that you really have that passion for fine art!. bravoh
    i would really like to share this post on my blog: howtoreadtheair.com.


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