Three hooks, by 'Ook'


Sometimes manufacturers do things that don’t make sense to the consumer.  Remember the question that would float around the internet about why do hotdogs come in packs of eight and hotdog buns in packs of six?  Have you noticed that buns have started coming in eights now?  Someone in the bun industry does read social media.

So this one puzzled me enough to start the question going around.  I usually buy D-ring hooks (to wire the backs of paintings) in ‘industrial quantities’, but have not kept on top of the (international) ordering so as I had three paintings requiring hooks soon, I went to Michael’s.  I chose the hooks, but the line was long and I didn’t have the 20 minutes to stand in it, so called in at Aaron Brothers on a later part of my journey.  They had the same hooks.

You need two D-ring hooks on the back of a painting – regardless of the size of the painting.  So why do the sell them in packs of three?  (Bottom right of the packet – I’d already used them.) Maybe it’s for those times you drop one and it disappears through the floorboards…


3 thoughts on “Three?????

  1. I wonder if it’s one of those cases where they make the items smaller rather than raise the price. They do that a lot with candy bags here. So perhaps once there were 4!

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