Newer work #9

Ocean's Draw

#1143 Ocean’s Draw. Mixed Media on deep panel, 36″x36″. $2,260.

This one I don’t have any doubts about.  I had it on the wall for a long time before it went into the box ready to go to its first show in Menlo Park next week.  I wrote the following poem for it and painted it into the painting.

Ocean’s Draw

The days of ocean sailing past
the waters flown to feel less vast
and yet its power remains, for we
relax, when gazing ‘cross the sea.


3 thoughts on “Newer work #9

  1. The analytical part of my brain is really tryjng hard to figure out why this attracts me so. Really not sure, but it does. (Sorry analysising my own responses is an annoying habit, or so my wife tells me). Very nice ☺

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