Newer Work #8

This is one that I’m not really sure about.  It was completed at the end of May and first saw the light of day at the Thousand Oaks Art Walk.  Sometimes I’ll be unsure about whether or not a piece works, then will take it to a show and find a lot of people respond positively to it, and know that it will find it’s forever home soon enough.  What do you think about this one?  I’m thinking that I should perhaps repaint the acrylic part and make the colors less bright so that the refractured part stands out better.

Rose Ochre Morning

#1142 Rose Ochre Morning, Mixed media on panel, 18×46″, $1,450.


5 thoughts on “Newer Work #8

  1. since you asked “what do you think about this one?” i will tell you. it’s a mess. throw it out and never think about it again. start over with a new canvas and a new impetus. we all have bad days. even a genius like me. that’s why God created coffee. It’s the Start Over drug. go have some. thank you.

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  2. This is still one of my favorites. Did it become the one with the water birds, on your main website? That one is pretty, too, but different-feeling. This one feels more emotionally powerful; the bird one feels more peaceful. I love them both.


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