A small class

A small class

A small class

My adult watercolor class yesterday evening was a small class.  Three had signed up, but only two ladies actually showed.  Nevertheless they had a lot of fun.  We got just about all the pieces out of the box and they had fun rooting around for inspiration and then ‘just the right piece’ for their creations.

Norma's work

Norma’s work

Norma hadn’t done any 2-d artwork before and only felt confident enough to try small collages, nevertheless by the third one she was assembling them quite quickly.  She also opted to add painted elements on top of two of the collages, and I loved the little red sail she cut.

Maricella's work

Maricella’s work

Maricela had done some oil painting previously and after working with a small collage attempted one of the larger boards available.  Her second creation – of Central Park in New York in the rain was a great success.  We had the opportunity to cover some other techniques – “perspective” and “vanishing point” in order to help her create the art the way she hoped.  They both had fun and might come back next week.


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