Step by step.

#1145 Jason's Sunset

#1145 Jason’s Sunset. Mixed media on panel. 16×14″ $390.

Last Saturday I was demonstrating my mixed media painting in the window at Orange Country Creatives.  Jason Tockey, the gallery owner was taking pictures as I went along.  Hopefully you can get into this link to see them.  On the right is the finished product, going to be glazing it this afternoon.  Thought I would name it for you, Jason.


4 thoughts on “Step by step.

  1. Its interesting the visual impact of that method. It adds a sense of faux-depth (don’t know how else to describe it) that draws the eye in to examine/enjoy each element ☺


    • I love that phrase – ‘faux-depth’! I do agree it is interesting to let the eye wander and examine. A lot of people I find are drawn into my booth at art fairs to examine closer what they could see at a long distance but couldn’t quite make 100% sense of from middle distance.


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