I need a bigger house….

Four panels in various stages of painting the back.

Four panels in various stages of painting the back.

I think I’ve officially outgrown my studio.  The living room is also full of work.  On the two tables in the middle of the living room are two large panels that will become a diptych (48×36″ each panel); they have had the front and sides gessoed yesterday and the back has just gotten the first coat of gray.  They’ll be getting a second coat in a little while, and when dry will be wired and stored on a wall somewhere until the refractured watercolor that will go on them is ready.

On the kitchen table and computer table are two slightly smaller individual paintings (36×36″ each) which are there for final touch-up of the back (when I paint the actual painting on the front, I inevitable manage to get some round the edge) and glazing.  On the footstool is a box for the one on the computer table.  After I’ve photographed the one on the kitchen table that will need to be glazed also.  This painting, as yet unnamed #1143 will be the front cover for my new poetry and paintings book that is currently in progress.

Mixed media painting in progres

#1144 awaits the next stage of construction.

Back in the actual studio, another panel is ready to have the refractured watercolor part adhered (I laid it out last night then picked up, marked and numbered the pieces).   Alternatively I could first work on the watercolors for the diptych and lay the six paintings out to dry on the bed, ironing board and stove top.  Then the house would really be full!


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