A friend will help you move…

Have you heard the saying “A friend will help you move, a real friend will help you move a body”?

How about moving continents.  Or at least between them.  I’ve done it one way and have been blessed that I never had to go back, because I never intended to.  While I was here I have been blessed with many new friendships, some of them online – like many of you who are reading this now.  Yanna is one of them.  I think we met on LinkedIn originally.

About 7 years ago, Yanna moved to the US from Israel on a 5-year visa.  She has stayed a couple more years on an artist visa, but this is running out, and a combination of things is making it the right time to return.  Returning, sadly costs money, and she would like to be able to take her art with her.

Please read her indiegogo page and consider contributing even a few dollars to her quest.



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