Fillmore oranges at sunset

A road in Fillmore, CA

A road in Fillmore, CA

I know I’ve been quiet for awhile…. it’s been busy….. but now I’m in the process of preparing for a Wine and Paint class that I’m giving this Wednesday evening at Vanguard Art Gallery in Moreno Valley.  I chose something a little more landscape, and not a post-sunset, a before-sunset scene.  The view is through orange groves in Fillmore, a drive that I used to take when sitting at the first gallery that I showed at, in Ojai.

In the process of showing what is possible, I painted the scene this afternoon, in part to run through how I would best organize progress for a class. I omitted the phone poles from the photograph – mainly because once you put the poles up, it’s good to put the wires on them, and that requires a steady hand…..  Did I mention that it’s a wine and paint class…..

Fillmore Oranges at Sunset

Fillmore Oranges at Sunset, 20×16 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.

Anyway here is the finished version.  I took me about an hour and a half so that should work out just fine for the class.  Hmm, might enter that into the National Orange show next month…..

7 thoughts on “Fillmore oranges at sunset

  1. You MUST do that Jeni, your work gets better every time I look at it! Sounds silly but your clouds look ore natural. LOL Or is it that we share appreciation of the same artistic license? Keep up the great work dear.


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