Moreno Valley Paint and wine.

A road in Fillmore, CA

A road in Fillmore, CA

On Jan 29th,  6:30-9:30pm I will be hosting a “Wine and Paint” event at the Vanguard Gallery in Moreno Valley, CA.  With a couple sips of wine to take the edge off the day, and a few snacks, I will guide you through painting a rural scene in acrylics.   It will be will be a great opportunity to have fun with family and friends in creating your own painting.  The cost is $45 and the event is posted on  Seating is limited so sign up now – also because I need to know soon whether the the class has enough students for it to run.  Best to bring a full frontal apron or smock – or wear clothing that won’t cry if you get paint on them!

8 thoughts on “Moreno Valley Paint and wine.

    • Hi Patti, We schedule one each month – it is almost always on a Thursday and usually later in the month, but there are some variations depending mostly on what my show schedule is or other things that are going on in the gallery. Currently we have the next couple months scheduled – 6/16, 7/14, 8/25. We do also schedule private groups if you have at least 8 of you, and we can figure a time that works with you, me and Vanguard. Hopefully I will see you on the 26th.


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