Demonstration in Indio Senior Center

Demonstrating at Indio Senior Center

Demonstrating at Indio Senior Center

As part of the experience of selling some work at the Indio Senior Center this week, I was asked to spend a few hours demonstrating.  I had originally intended to demo in acrylic, but realized I didn’t have enough titanium white to do the demo and finish the piece I’m planning on getting done before I have a chance to go to the art store so…. oils it is! The other upside of oils, I decided, is that I didn’t have to worry about the paint drying when I was stopping painting to talk to people.  The downside of course is transporting them while wet afterwards, but I used the painting boxes for the pieces that I’d taken in the prior Friday.

#1120 - untitled oil painting 16x20"

#1120 – untitled oil painting 16×20″

I was glad I took two canvases as I paint quickly and did indeed finish both paintings. These made it home without smudging too much in the back of the truck and are now drying on the wall with brown paper ‘diapers’ behind them.  Both are as yet untitled.

#1121 - untitled oil painting 20x16"

#1121 – untitled oil painting 20×16″


7 thoughts on “Demonstration in Indio Senior Center

  1. Simple but captivating. I love the colors ☺ Personally i prefer oils when getting my hands dirty, the feel and aroma of them are… um… i cannot think of a word. I just prefer them. Mind you, i enjoy digital media too. ☺


  2. Thank you – DesertMoon and InnerDragon. Still haven’t thought of names for them…. hoping they’ll be dry so I can put them in a show in Borrego Springs at the end of the month.


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