Laid out – #1119

#1119 laid out

As yet nameless…. 36x36x2″.

The assembly stage was completed last night – just thought I had to spend a few minutes on the web before moving to the more boring, engineering phase – marking, numbering and gluing.  This is my first art work of 2015 – it will be catalog # 1119 but doesn’t have a name yet.  I expect I will write a poem for it.  I think also it will likely have a child – there are enough pieces left over to create a 16×20 matted piece, I believe.


3 thoughts on “Laid out – #1119

    • I wrote a poem about it, and painted it on it. Now it’s complete – here’s the poem:


      The mission of the vaporous sky
      an armour ‘gainst the void of space.
      The work of the tumultuous sky
      to stir life on earth’s wondrous face.
      The passion of the painted sky
      to show us castles, flowers and lace.
      The message of the velvet sky
      we are so small within this place.

      And just when I clipped and pasted this into wordpress, i.e. something that spells, I realize that I’ve spelled armor in the wrong dialect. Oh well, no changing it now!

      Happy New Year to you too.

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