A quick visual.


Wild gecko

Earlier in the month I delivered a couple walls full of paintings to the Borrego Springs Library for the art show in their community room.  They have a monthly show of local artists’ work and December through early January was assigned to me.  I confess I did not take the photograph when I put the art work up – as one might think an artist who has it all together would do.  I was distracted initially by a lizard.  It may have crept into the library then got stuck under the door.  I noticed as soon as I walked in – and the curator and I initially thought it had been trodden on and killed.  But no, when I picked it up it slowly started moving again.  We went to the librarian who apparently is knowledgeable about local wildlife and he confirmed it was a wild gecko, not an escaped pet.  It seemed injured, but gradually started moving all its limbs and, convinced it would likely survive without further intervention from humans, I took a quick photo and found a suitable bush on the other side of the parking lot to release it into.  Back in familiar surroundings, it scurried away.

Skyscapes in Borrego Springs Library

Skyscapes in Borrego Springs Library

Then I went and hung up my art work and, mindful of the fact I also had work to deliver to the Borrego Art Institute, the curator had to hurry off to another appointment and there was a storm coming in (the road sometimes gets washed out between there and home) I hurried away.

Last weekend I was in Borrego to sit in the Art Institute to sit in the gallery so after I went to the library to photo the display in place.  Then I forgot to post this.  Oh well, at least I did it before the show was taken down.

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