Children in their new home.

Misty Morning II

Misty Morning II, at its forever home in Texas

One thing that I don’t often get to enjoy is seeing my ‘children’ settled in their new home.  Occasionally I will take artwork to a customers house to see whether it works in the location they’re considering, but usually I say goodbye to my offspring when they are placed into a box at an art show.  I am particularly overjoyed to see this watercolor diptych in their new frames and their new room as it’s in Texas – and I’ve never met their new ‘Dad’ face to face.

As they’re framed pieces I shipped them unframed and they were a little while before the new frames were chosen, but now here they are above the sofa.  It was also a very interesting way that the sale came to be.  Having ‘met’ their new owner as his client for some online business, during a phone call he mentioned he liked my work and had this place that needed some new art, and described the location and colors of the room.  I recommended this watercolor diptych which wasn’t on my website, and we exchanged some pics of the artwork and the room.  Turned out it was just the thing – the right feeling for the location, the right size and the right colors.

7 thoughts on “Children in their new home.

    • Thank you DP – and yes, I believe it is like bidding children farewell, though I have none of the human variety to compare it with. Hmm, just had a wicked thought – at least I can be confident that the twins won’t be back at the end of the month with a carload of laundry!

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