Three more for the cut – step 5.

Step 5.  Tentative title is 'Soft Morning'

Step 5. Tentative title is ‘Soft Morning’ though this might change…..

If you’re looking through the blogroll or your emails for steps 2-4 of this painting, stop now, I didn’t blog them.  Step 2, a pile of pieces, is really boring for the observer.  Step 3 – pieces arranged on the panel is slightly more interesting but not easy to photograph.  Step 4 – all the pieces removed and numbered and their places on the panel marked is marginally more interesting than step 2. Thus, I present the completion of step 5.

This painting is the second one where I’ll use both watercolor collage and acrylic. Acrylic is going to be step 6 and will start tomorrow afternoon, though I might not get finished until next Thursday.  No, I’m not an especially slow painter, I have a three day show this weekend, gallery deliveries Monday and Tuesday and a workshop on Wednesday.

I am already loving the use of more of my skills in each creation.  I’m also considering a poem to go on this painting – perhaps not a sonnet, it’s a little small for a sonnet, perhaps a shorter poem.  We will see if inspiration strikes me before I get to the moment when I need to spray acrylic glaze – at which point I can no longer paint watercolor on it.


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