Three more for the cut

Three for the cutSometimes it’s a shame to take the scissors to a watercolor or three that I really like – but then when you give birth to triplets, the question is, which one is the best.  There are parts of each that I like.

One thing that was new in this painting session was that I got some more phthalo blue – haven’t use that in several years.  It’s a very ‘fast’ color in that it dries slowly (like the other two blues I use) and when clouds are dropped into a phthalo sky, they spread rapidly.  I had to wait until it was almost dry before I could add the clouds.  The painting in the middle has a primarily phthalo sky, the one on the left was half phthalo, half cobalt.

I think I like the one on the right best, though the bottom two inches of the middle one – where I’ve reworked the red to recover from the fact I waited longer to put the clouds in – has some interesting effects.  If only it wasn’t for that big bloom on the left.

Next step will involve the sharp ones – but the next couple days are fully booked with other activities, so watch this space at the beginning of next week.


3 thoughts on “Three more for the cut

  1. Wow…to think of you cutting these up! They’re all beautiful….I found water colors to be very challenging compared to oils (in the handful of classes I took in each. Lol) I think it’s the ability to mix and layer and spread that was the the difference….but the effects of a well done water color are spectacular


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