(Almost) lost work

I was preparing for an upcoming poetry feature or two that happened to pop up in the next 6 weeks and decided to read a few poems from each of my books plus some newer ones.  While going through the poetry folder on my laptop, I found a poem that I’d forgotten I’d written.  I guess that’s what happens when I don’t exercise the poems after they’ve been completed.  I think this one was inspired by a dream, rather than a storm, but as we can see with my train of thought, the sky is still playing a role!

A grove of trees

Near the top of the hill
A grove of trees
Stands in warming sun, refreshing rain
In storms, in blazing heat
In beautiful dawns and sunsets
Growing together, outstretched limbs
Touching and intertwining
Shedding leaves mingling on the ground
Budding together in spring.

A summer storm
Gathered beyond the distant mountain,
Rolled thunderheads like cabaret girls plumes
Water looking like smoke
Anger aloft for no reason
Power gathering, struck
One of the trees
Cast into flames briefly
Extinguished by a torrent
A spirit borne aloft into the wind.

And still we stand
Trees growing together
Still stretching, ever branching
Budding and shedding in the seasons
Seeds falling by and saplings sprouting
And a space amongst us
Left by one tree taken
Where sun now shines between.

Our branches still dance the memory
of your shadow on the grass.

3 thoughts on “(Almost) lost work

  1. Love this poem. I’m just looking over some of your recent posts and art work and happy to find this too. You are such a great artist, I’m happy to know you! You are still invited to come and experience a big Texas sky – just let me know when.


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