Larch View

The painting ‘wet and nameless’ in my last blog got dry enough that I could add the foreground tree.  I started out with not knowing what kind of tree to do – a fully leafed one, totally bare one, or something in between.  A google image search for ‘tree silhouettes’ produced primarily cartoon silhouettes so I was without inspiration.

Painting of larch tree against misty dawn

Perhaps a little too stubby?

For some reason, the name ‘larch’ popped into my head.  Don’t ask me why – I don’t think I’ve ever met a larch – I just knew the word and knew it was a tree that grew in temperate climates – like the misty one in the background.  So, off I googled again (I don’t have a tree book, much as I love both – it seems kind of a contradiction in terms…) and came up with some larches.  Hmmm, that seems kind of plump for a larch.

larch view painting

“Larch view”. Oil on canvas, 24×36″, $1080.

Ah, that’s better.  There’s something about a lone tree that invokes the feeling of peace and solitude.

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