Wet and nameless

Partially completed oil painting

Partially completed oil painting

One of the advantages of the cosy summer days is that the oils dry faster, so my previous oil painting is already dry enough to go on a wall, and the next oil is in progress.  I was inspired by a misty scene I saw on the internet and decided to incorporate some of that mistiness and put a sky of similar colors above it.  This is what I have so far – I intend to put a tree on the left when this layer had dried enough to paint over it rather than sinking into it.

I nearly made myself sick painting this layer though.  I’ve only got one large brush that I was using for the background, so I was continually cleaning it as I worked through the color gradient.  As I’m using odorless turpentine, I didn’t realize how much the fumes were building up in the studio – and indeed the whole house – as was about 108 outside and the A/C is on and the house isn’t very big.  I was feeling queasy and developing a headache. Even after I’d taken out the turpy paper towels to the trash can, it was still an issue.  Serendipity to the rescue again.  I noticed there was a stiff, hot breeze blowing outside and I thought – there’s nothing for it – I need a different batch of air.  Opened all the windows and doors for five minutes – the temperature was quickly up to 90 degrees inside (I usually keep it around 79) – but that hot air was fresh.  The A/C quickly got everything back to 80 after I’d closed up – but I know I could not have done it without that breeze!  The wind died down soon after too.

So, from a breezy phase to another quiet sky.  I have not yet settled on a name for the painting – I usually don’t until they’re complete.  More in a couple weeks when I can get the tree on.

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