Twins and a single.

"Regatta" -  watercolor collage

“Regatta” – 3″x5″ watercolor collage on foamcore, matted to fit a 5×8″ frame. $25.

I had an hour the other day and decided to put a few babies together.  I thought I would start the first one by hunting down all the little pieces in the watercolor pieces box to see if anything would come together, and it did.  I was inspired by the number of triangular pieces used which reminded me of sails, in order to name this collage.  I was tempted to finish the bottom with a seascape, but thought that with the horizontal dark area on the left, there was a visual hint at this anyway, and the red patch above it reminded me of the sun coming down through clouds to sink below the horizon, so I decided not to elaborate further on those possibilities and just go with a tropical shoreline.


"Faith in Duality" #1 and #2, watercolor collages

“Faith in Duality” #1 and #2, watercolor collages on foamcore. Each 5″x3″ matted to 5″x8″ frame, $25.

As I was on a roll now, I got another two foamcore/mat sets out and started rooting around for my next ‘starter’ piece of watercolor.  I found two similar pieces, but together they were too big for the little ‘canvases’.  That was when the idea hit.  I would try to make two complementary collages using on each one pieces leftover from the same watercolor – but they would be different collages.  It was an interesting challenge, but I had faith that I could produce such a pair.  They’re not designed to be a diptych, but they should look good together with so many similar elements.  It was the challenge here that gave them their names.


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