Field of (sunset) dreams.

Late Practice

Late Practice – Acrylic on wraparound canvas – 30x24x.5″ – $600

I guess one sport that doesn’t get played a lot in the desert is baseball.  It’s just too darn hot during baseball season.  And with one thing and another it’s been a while (last season I think) since I’ve been to a game in Anaheim – with the fact that the Angels don’t play at home every weekend and the fact that I’m not in Orange County with my other half every weekend of the summer means that the stars rarely align.  We have been to a couple of minor league games and once or twice to watch his new neighbor’s kids at little league.  Sometimes though we go out for a stroll in the evening and walk by the local school’s playing fields.  Usually there’s a crowd out there shooting hoops, but one evening we rounded the corner to see the baseball field under lights – and under a gorgeous sunset and just a couple kids still out there.  Nope, no camera this time to work from – all from memory.  I put in hills instead of the school buildings as I find a rural scene to be more restful.


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