Is that a start eyewall??

Is that a start eyewall??

This time last week I was at my mother’s house in Wales.  It rained.  I was there for seven days and it rained (at least a sprinkle) for five of them.  On the Tuesday night, it poured, and I was sleeping in an upstairs room that is partly under a flat roof and I could hear the rain delightfully.

I was happy to see lightning across the sea when I looked out the window this morning at about 4:30.  I spent some time attempting to photograph it – my digital is not up to the task so we will see when I get the film back whether I had succeeded.  Accuweather and NOAA had been promising the possibility of rain and this morning there was a brief shower.  I regret finishing the task I was on before going out to dance in it, because it only rained for about three minutes, and I was too late.

This evening, there is a continued promise of rain – but as we are so far from any hills, it’s really just vague maybe.  I did step outside once I saw the sky colors – now this is an interesting formation.  Looks like the beginnings of an eyewall…. we don’t get those around here.  I hope.  But it will likely be the precursor to a painting.  At least if the rain stays away we will have a meteor shower instead tonight.


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