Water, water everywhere.

Movement, stillness.  Refractured watercolor

#1093 – Movement, stillness. Refractured watercolor, 14×11″ in white mat to 20×16″. $175

A couple of years ago I did a commission for a couple, based on their triptych of a scene looking east across a bay at sunset.  They weren’t sure if they wanted horizontal or vertical wave cuts so I did one of each so they could choose. Also, I did some slight color variations for them to choose from.  As a result I ended up with quite a bit of leftovers.  No worries, the pieces formed a cohesive scene that I could reuse, and I had their permission to use the leftovers.  Waste not, want not, recycle, go green – or in this case some beautiful shades of peach, salmon, blue and mauve.

Just chillin:  Refractured watercolor

#1094 Just chillin. Refractured watercolor, 11×14 in white mat frames to 16×20″. $175

So far the leftover pieces have featured prominently, if not exclusively in at least 12 further refractured watercolors or watercolor collages.  I was starting to think that the things were breeding in the box overnight.  Over the weekend I sold two of the resulting refractured watercolors, and created two more that are in mat and frame to 16×20 and a couple of small collages.  So here are introducing the two new larger pieces – they will be at the show in Hermosa Beach with me this weekend.


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