Rochester incognito.

Soft Reflections

Soft Reflections. 6×6″ watercolor collage on board. $20.

The last few years I’ve answered the call to artists for Rochester Contemporary Art Center – that’s Rochester, NY – to create a few works 6×6″ for their fundraiser.  It’s a good excuse to doodle and experiment, get a few pieces of my work in front of a whole crowd who otherwise would probably not see it, and support an art center.

The interesting part is that the work is all unsigned on the front of the artwork, so you know the buyers are getting something they actually like, rather than just buying it based on your name.  However there is something to be said for having work that stands out from the crowd, and also getting your submissions in early so that for online browsers, your images don’t get lost in the crowd (not too many pages in on the online display – hint!).

This year was the first year that I overcame the issue of a 6″ square surface that works with ROCO’s pinning requirements, and is sturdy enough to hold a watercolor collage.

Here’s one of the ones that I decided to send next year.  See if you can find the 6 partners.The works are visible online now, and can be purchased for $20 from tomorrow at 10am (Eastern time, I assume) from their website.

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